September 23, 2023
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Why dogs are good for a Senior Citizen

Why dogs are good for a Senior Citizen

Getting old is a very lonely thing. When a loved one or friend moves or dies, Why dogs are good for a Senior Citizen it becomes increasingly difficult to leave home and participate in the activities you once loved.

But there is one source of comfort and camaraderie that benefits older adults in many ways. It’s a pet Studies show that human-pet bonding improves fitness, reduces stress, and brings happiness to owners.

The health benefits of adopting a dog include lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, less loneliness, triglyceride levels, and increased social opportunities..

In this post we will see benefits of owning dogs.

Let’s see together….

1.     Improves Memory

Psychiatrists have studied the effects of pet ownership on memory, and all evidence suggests that pet ownership is beneficial. Therapy pets are common in mental health treatment centres, but their benefits can extend beyond the therapist’s practise. Owning a pet improves the owner’s memory, memory retention, and mental cognition.

2.     Mental Benefits of Owning a Pet

Ageing with a pet nearby contributes to improved mental health. A person experiencing social isolation is 30% more likely to die within the next seven years. However, having a pet can reduce isolation and its consequent effects on ageing. Why dogs are good for a Senior Citizen.

3.     Reduce Loneliness

More than 40% of her seniors suffer from loneliness but often find comfort in pets. Owners play and talk with their pets. In fact, 57% of her pet owners admit that confiding in their pets gives them a sense of security.

4.     Reduces Isolation

Having a pet improves sociability and relationships in older people. A recent study found that 65% of seniors believe pets help them connect with others. This belief comes from daily walks and forming common bonds with others.

5.     You can focus on the present

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by thinking about the future and by pain and stress. However, having a pet has been proven to help owners focus on the present and reduce anxiety about the future.

6.     Dogs provide safety

Having a pet can enhance home security for seniors, especially dogs that signal burglaries and fires. Additionally, therapy and companion animals provide additional safety for older adults at risk of falling.

7.     Dog Creates Daily

Daily routines contribute to stress reduction and overall well-being. Owning a pet requires each individual to maintain a daily routine and structure their lives to take care of their pets.

8.     Dogs give reason to live

Taking care of a pet gives a person a reason to live. Many older people find their purpose in life by having someone need them, and having a pet helps them find that purpose.

9.     Helping owners socialise

Dogs are undoubtedly great companions, but they also help humans socialise and build social support networks, which have health benefits.

He found that having pets was the third most common way people met others in their neighbourhood. Pet owners were also 60% more likely to meet neighbours than owners without pets.

Taking your dog for a walk in the park is a great conversation starter.

10.            Pets help you recover faster

Studies show that a positive attitude can help you recover faster from illness and injury. Pets help us a lot to look on the bright side.

Therefore, many hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and long-term care centres have established pet visit programmes for their patients.

Dogs are especially effective in helping elderly patients with physical disabilities.

11.             Additional Benefits of Owning a Pet

Apart from the mental and physical benefits, pet owners experience additional benefits by owning a pet of their own choosing.

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